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Lumen is a writer, artist and blogger who loves helping women glow up into their divine feminine and highest self.

SKL.com was among the first glow up blogs appearing during the “glow up craze” of 2020, and has been the leading blog ever since: helping women worldwide to level up, and even inspiring other blogs to follow suit, with Lumen’s trademark pink aesthetics and unique voice.

With topics like personal development, self care, self love, mental health, entrepreneurship, spirituality and more… you’ll find everything you need to become your best self!

SK Lumen

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SK Lumen - Pearls of Twilight (front cover)
Pearls of Twilight
Manifesto Of Self Love by SK Lumen
Manifesto of Self Love
Weekly Selfcare Planner
Selfcare Planner Weekly
Astral Union
Daily Selfcare Planner
Selfcare Planner Daily
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